How We Do It

At Divorce Made Easy, Inc.  Ann-Marie Giustibelli, an attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator will meet with you and your spouse in an informal setting to discuss all of the issues relating to your divorce such as a parenting plan, equitable distribution of your assets, and debts, alimony, child support and any other issue that may arise. 

Every family is special and may have different issues and needs.  Together, we will tailor-make your Marital Settlement Agreement to suit your family’s needs. 

Divorce Made Easy, Inc. will prepare all of the necessary pleadings and documents to be filed with the Court so that all that is left for you or your spouse to do is attend the final hearing. 

Additional services are made available to you such as the use of a neutral family therapist or parenting coordinator to assist with communication and/or a neutral forensic accountant to assist in dividing your assets equitably and/or a financial planner to assist you or your spouse after a divorce.  

A divorce should not have to destroy your family and your bank account and you should not have to endure years of emotional and psychological destruction to dissolve your marriage.   At Divorce Made Easy, Inc. we understand that divorce is not an easy decision; however, getting you through the process does not have to be difficult.

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