What We Do

Getting a divorce is never easy. But once you and your spouse have come to the decision that your marriage is irretrievably broken, your next choice is how to dissolve your marriage.   At Divorce Made Easy, Inc. you and your spouse make your decisions together, instead of having a judge – who is a stranger to you and your family – make your decisions for you.

If you are parents, Florida courts require that you have a parenting plan.   You and your spouse will discuss and make a plan that is in your children’s best interests. In addition, Florida is an equitable or fair state: you and your spouse have to divide your assets and liabilities equitably.   If there are alimony issues we will discuss and resolve those as well.   Finally we will help you calculate child support according to the Florida child support statutory guidelines.

In the event that you and your spouse would like the assistance of an independent family therapist, communication facilitator and/or a neutral forensic accountant, we will quickly make these services available to you.   Once you have made these decisions, at Divorce Made Easy, Inc. we will prepare all of the pleadings and necessary documents to file with the court so that you and/or your spouse can attend final hearing.

It’s that simple.
Why not call it a day in a peaceful way!

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